“I was sitting on the beach with J. yesterday and told him that you emailed us and said nice things about his swimming. He got so happy and said ‘Sydne just makes me feel so good about myself”. E., Amherst, MA

“You are like, the WEIRDEST swim teacher. But also, the best one. It’s hard to explain.” A., Amherst, MA

“With appreciation for the ‘swim-changing’ lessons. Even with only two swim lessons from you, my triathlon training (and the event itself) is greatly improved. More efficient, more powerful, more speed! Looking forward to continuing.” L., Amherst, MA

“I love how you taught me, and I love pulling my way through the water. Thanks for teaching adults that the water is beautiful.” M., Easthampton, MA

“People might not understand why I rise early on Tuesday mornings to take a swim class at 7:30am, but for me the reason is very simple: I get to swim in this great pool, and most of all I have the chance to laugh, learn, and relax thanks to one of the most amazing swim instructors/therapists ever!” D., Amherst, MA

“I accomplished something substantial today. Thank you, Sydne, for all that you do, and for all that you are.” S., Hartford, CT

“What was really cool was how much I felt connected to feeling water on hands and forearm on the back (like time slowed down) And how coincident with that, I could rotate easily and actually feel the 3 beat slightly flowy kick. Pretty cool.
Once again, I’m reminded of how fortunate to have your guidance and encouragement. I’m grateful!” B., Amherst, MA

“Thank you for being awesome! Also, thanks for helping me have more strength, health, fun and peace in my life.” C., Northampton, MA

“Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am amazed and grateful for your help and your encouragement. Don’t know how you do what you do, but you are incredible. Thanks Coach.” J. Shelburne Falls, MA

“C. REALLY enjoys working with you – he commented last week as we left (unprompted) that he really likes having you as a coach.  He went on to say that when he does something ‘wrong’, he likes the way you point it out to him, that he “can’t help but laugh” about it….He’s definitely making good progress on his swimming, but maybe more importantly I think his confidence and self-esteem in the pool are strengthening from working with you!  Yay!” A., Amherst, MA

“Hi Sydne. I just want to let you know that I have NEVER heard J. be so enthusiastic after a lesson/activity before!  He left feeling so empowered and positive and excited about improving his swimming!  Thank you so much.” A. Amherst, MA

“I just had to share this with you – Earlier this week I went to pick up Kyle from camp and it took me a minute to realize where he was. He was happily swimming and playing with friends in the deep end of the pool! This was the first time in 12 years that I was able to watch him do that. I was up the hill on the deck off the back of the art studio, and I just reveled in his joy as I watched him for a full 10 minutes (he had no idea I could see him). It was so great! Thank you!!” Regan, Greenfield, MA


I am 56 years old and compete in triathlons. I discovered that I had a fear of open water. This makes it difficult to compete! In addition, my freestyle swimming technique was very ineffective. I had sinky legs that dragged on the pool bottom despite 2 years of swim lessons. In one lesson, Sydne got my legs off the bottom!I have been taking lessons since January. Sydne is fabulous at explaining what to do in a way you can understand. The drills are very useful for improving technique. Also, she knows all the ins and outs of open water swimming. I am thrilled with my progress! Last year I barely made it out of the water in a tri and I was dead last. This year I actually passed people and had much more energy for the bike and run. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you, like most triathletes, suffer thru the swim, come here and get help. It’s well worth it, especially if you get an open water clinic too! Stephanie Woods, Springfield, MA

“Thanks again for all your help.  The swimming thing has been something that has “troubled” me for a long time.  I think for so long I have been ready but never found a situation that I thought I would be comfortable in.  When I read your “swim story” on your site it really made it approachable for me and then your response to my first email was really supportive. You have really allowed me to learn at my own pace which has been really helpful because  it is not easy to learn something new at 40. Your passion for swimming really shows, even in guiding me through my first 25 yards. Thanks again.” O.M., Amherst, MA

“My daughter learned more in two lessons than she did in two years of group instruction.” Lou, Sylvie’s dad, Amherst, MA

“I love swim lessons with Sydne because I can work on any stroke I want to learn, she makes me feel safe when I am swimming with her, and she has an awesome pool!” Elsa, age 9, Amherst.

“I love swim lessons with Sydne because she takes the time to talk to Elsa about her goals, likes and fears.  She makes the experience of reaching her goals and conquering her fears a fun and positive experience. And she has an awesome pool!”  Suzanne, Elsa’s mom, Amherst.

“Sydne is so nice. I feel so good with her. I feel like I’m getting a thousand kisses when I’m with her.” Anni, age 5, Florence, Massachusetts.

“My kids were swim class veterans — group, private, you name it — but my 11-year-old was remained a hesitant swimmer, and my 8-year-old still had trouble putting her head underwater. After a handful of sessions with Sydne, they’re both far more competent in the water — and having a blast. Sydne’s teaching style is gentle and friendly, and my kids can’t wait for their lessons — something I could never say about their previous instruction. I recommend Swimcrest without reservation.” Naomi, Northampton, Massachusetts.