Lake George Open Water Swim

Here’s where I will be just one short week from now!

Yes, the Lake George Swim event is coming soon and I am super excited! Last year, my Lake George weekend was thwarted by Hurricane Irene, but this year, the campground reservation is made, the goggles are packed, and the family and I are ready to head off for 3 beautiful days in Hague, New York.

I have entered two races, the 10K, which is the course you see above the following day, a 4-mile. 10 miles of swimming in two days – not a bad weekend!

For novice open water swimmers, this course provides an easy way to get used to the open water experience. An out and back loop, which I will have to do 4 times, means none of that pesky navigation.

Interested? There’s still space in the 2.5k, the perfect way to get your feet wet. (Ba dum bum.)