After a shipwreck? Take a load off on the Sitting Lifebuoy.


One of my favorite down-the-rabbit-hole websites is 1 New Idea, a collection of exactly what it sounds like. One new idea at a time.

Recently, they posted an idea for this genius new lifesaving buoy. A floating seat!

Question the need? Don’t worry. There are helpful cartoon images to help you understand why this buoy is so much better than average.

If unfortunately encountered a shipwreck, the life buoy is indispensable. According to the statistics, if the rescue team arrived over 24 hours, the victims are often out force slipped from life buoy without any other supports. This sitting lifebuoys can help victims keep enough physical, doubled the time waiting for rescue, enhancing the probability of successful rescue. (via)

I’m sold! Just look how happy that person is after 48 hours!

Thanks again 1 New Idea. Keep the goodness coming.