Swimming and Crafting, the best of both worlds. (And a belated Christmas present for me!)


This week, I got a belated Christmas present from one of my young students. A collaboration between she and her mom, it’s a drawing which has been embroidered on a t-shirt.

I absolutely LOVE it!


I mean, how could I not be touched by the time and love put into this project?



And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I got a little teary when I opened it. Why? Not just because of the present itself, but because it represents, to me, a child who started off afraid of the water, and who, over time, is really and truly learning to swim, but also learning to ENJOY the water. And ultimately, shouldn’t that be the goal of swimming?



And yes, it came with an equally wonderful card.


Bridget, thank you, thank you for my wonderful gift. I will treasure it!