This Week at Swimcrest


It’s been a big two weeks at Swimcrest. Here are just a few of the highlights:

3 Swimcrest swimmers competed in the Sheriff Sprint Triathlon, all 3 improving their times on the 300 yard swim leg!

Two new students learned that you need to EXHALE when you swim! And suddenly, they could swim longer and with less effort.

A student swam his first 150 yards and then, upon hearing that another student had done 250, upped the ante and pulled out a 350 yard breastroke! (WAY TO GO KYLE!)

A new swimmer, who wants to learn before she turns 40 this summer, who never owned a bathing suit before a month ago, and who had serious water anxiety, is now kicking her way across the pool with no floatation assistance, side breathing, and getting excited to add her arms! The only problem is that she and I get so excited about her success that we giggle like crazy!

There’s so much more. Every week brings new accomplishments at Swimcrest and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Happy Spring everyone!