Swimcrest Swimmers hit the Westfield Wave Triathlon!


Swimcrest swimmers took to the open water today, and tore up the course at the Westfield Wave Triathlon.

Swimmer Kevin Mepham won the Men’s 50-54 age group, and took nearly a minute off of his swim time from last year! Swimmer Rick Keating took 5th in the same age group.

Swimmer Stephanie Woods also took 1st in her age group, Women’s 55-59, and said “Good thing you reviewed passing people because I had to pass 2. No problems sighting and swam a good line other than swimming around people.”

And swimmer Megan Bilodeau was amazing with a First Overall in the Westfield Wave Super Sprint! WOW!!

As for the swim portion, Megan said “I actually think the swim helped warm me up a ton for the bike. Funny how that works. I did a little pre-swim and was glad. The water was so cold it took my breath away and made me a little panicked, but then I knew what to expect…My arms got tired and I could hear your voice in my head.”

I am so excited for the rest of the summer season and can’t wait to hear about the swim adventures of all Swimcrest athletes. Keep those stories coming please!