Summer Swim Moments – Swimcrest Swimmers showing me their joy.


Today, a parent emailed me this picture. A perfect summer moment, with the email title “Can you believe this is the same kid?!”

A few months ago, this fantastically happy boy couldn’t swim at all. Not at all. Not water safe, not confident, not ready to jump off a dock and experience the joy that is summer swimming.

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it. And it’s not the only one I’ve gotten.

Almost every day, I get a photo. A video. An email describing another swimming moment that a parent or student feels compelled to share with me.

A 3-year-old jumping off the side of a pool and swimming back to climb out and do it again. A 46-year-old who has, based on her new water confidence, joined an open water swim group and recently just swam her first continuous mile and a half. A family at a water park. And a kid who can now pass the “swim test” to go on the deep end at the town pool. A 43-year-old completely his first triathlon and ranking high on the swim leg.

It’s the reason I do this.

Thank you for sharing your swimming moments with me. Keep them coming.