My fantasy swim stuff aka Goodies I might need to have.

As a verified swim geek, it’s not just the actual swimming that I enjoy. I love the STUFF of swimming too. And occasionally, I have fun looking

My new love? The idea of showing up at swim practice in one of these completely fantastic vintage swim caps I found on Etsy.

Flower swimming caps -  the classic - one size fits all

Nothing would please me more than to show up at Masters practice in one of these beauties, and then knocking out a killer sprint set, blowing my lane mates away with both my fashion savvy and stunning freestyle.

Flower swimming cap - black, fucsia, yellow and green by beamalevich
The biggest issue? What color to choose??
Flower swimming caps -  white and black
The blue and green might be JUST the thing to make my swimming that much better. Look how happy this woman is in her darling cap!
Flower swimming caps - white, green and blue
And did I mention that they ship from Spain? So really, that makes them that much chicer.
Need something simpler? Perhaps this gem?
Gorgeous Vintage Swimming Cap. Swimming Bathing Cap Hat. Soviet times
For sale is Vintage Swimming Cap.
Made in Soviet timesCan be used as intended or as a cute rubber cap for your art. Is good, da?

I might also decide to give myself some vintage swim medals for whatever accomplishments I decide merit reward.
Lot of 30 vintage athletic/swimming medals Free Shipping
I think it will also be important to ensure that this Swimming instructional page is posted and clearly accessible for all Swimcrest swimmers to see. After all, you never know when you might have to break a stranglehold!
Swimming, Sports, Life Saving, Vintage Illustration, 1940s, Double Sided Print, Sugar
And all I can say about these vintage Red Cross Swimmer Merit Badges is YES!Red Cross Pin Swimming Lessons 7 Vintage Pinback Button Red White Blue Instant Collection Summer FunRed Cross Pin Swimming Lessons 5 Vintage Pinback Buttons Turquoise White Instant Collection Summer Fun
And HELLO! This vintage 80s suit might be just the thing for my next open water race. It’s totally rad!
Vintage 80s 90s One Piece Swimming Costume - Bold Graphic Print - Racer Back - Free Shipping Australia
Now might also be a good time for me to admit that my swim obsession may have actually begun because of my insane jealousy of my little cousin’s Barbie swimming pool.
Vintage Mattel Barbie Swimming Pool in Original Box 1973
Need I mention that OF COURSE she also had the Barbie dream house, the pink car, and that disembodied head that you could practice hairstyling and make-up with?
I also love this guy. A swimming teacher by artist hélène pé. If only I were half as dashing as he is when I teach.
 Swimming Teacher 8.5 x 11" PrintSwimming Teacher From The Sea 8.5 x 11" Print
Finally, I think that from this point forward, all male students will be required to wear these Vintage 1970s swimming trunks from Lithuania. Better order now for upcoming lessons!
Vintage Dark Blue Swimming Shorts