This is why I teach.

Last night, after 4 hours of lessons in a row and seeing a new student for the first time, I got an email that absolutely made my day.

It was my first time with a student who has been on a local swim team for the last two seasons and who has been feeling a little demoralized at what he perceives as a lack of improvement at the pace he would like it to happen.

Yesterday, we spent our time on freestyle, but equally important, got to know each other, laughed a lot, and had a really good time. Here’s the note I got shortly after our lesson ended:

Hi Sydne,

I just want to let you know that I have NEVER heard J. be so enthusiastic after a lesson/activity before!  He left feeling so empowered and positive and excited about improving his swimming!  Thank you so much…

This is why I do this work. And at the end of a long week of teaching, nothing could be better than this kind of feedback. Thank you all for trusting me. It’s a gift you give me every time.