Okay, Bermuda. Let’s do this!


It’s hard to believe but in just a few days, I’ll be headed to Bermuda for the Round the Sound 10k.

It’s a swim I’ve always wanted to do, but in past years, the scheduled conflicted with my beloved St. Croix Swim Race, an event I couldn’t possibly miss in this 20th anniversary year!

This year, the stars aligned, largely thanks to the wonderful Kirsten Read of KGR Coaching. And yay! I am doing both!!!

According to the map, I’ll have to be careful to go behind Cockroach and No Name Rock. Phew. Hope I can remember that! 😉

I’m feeling thankful for the fact that my open water season is extended and am so thankful to get to spend more time with fellow crazies of the open water world!

Looking forward to crystal clear waters and a weekend in my element.

Have a lovely week everyone!