Covid-19 Protocols for Sessions at Swimcrest – 20 May 2020


Covid-19 Protocols for Sessions at Swimcrest:

(Please note that the following is subject to change dependent upon the Covid-19 situation at any given time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.) 

On the day of your scheduled session, please assess your overall health.
Do you feel okay?
Have you been sick within the last week?
Have you had exposure to someone who is ill?
Do you have an elevated temperature?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please cancel without penalty. 


When You Arrive and During Your Time at Swimcrest

When you arrive at Swimcrest, please plan on parking in a spot that gives you the most direct access down to the pool. Do not take the path nearest the house, but instead, that near the grove of trees between the pool house and my home.

Please wear a mask upon coming and going. I will wear a mask when you enter, and will maintain social distancing throughout your time here. 

Please do not bring a guest with you. If you are a parent here to observe your child, you must wear a mask for the duration of their lesson.

When you arrive, please remain outside until instructed to enter. 

Please take off your street shoes outside the pool house door, and bring deck shoes to wear while you are inside.

Upon entering, please keep your things as contained as possible and leave them in the areas marked for storage. 

If at all possible, please wear your suit under your clothes to lessen the amount of time you will need to prepare. 

Shower, and put on your cap before entering the pool itself. (Remember that there will be no caps, goggles, or pool equipment available to be borrowed.)

Upon exiting the pool, please dress as quickly as possible so that I will have time to clean and sanitize before the next client arrives.

Do not plan on showering at Swimcrest after your swim.

Please submit your payment by depositing it in the container on the counter. If you are paying by check, please bring your own pen to fill it out, or have it filled out before you arrive.


In between clients and at the end of the day, I will be:

Cleaning and disinfecting all faucets and door handles used during your time at the pool.

Cleaning and disinfecting the shower, toilet, and sink.

Cleaning surfaces where you have left your clothing and other items. (Table, chairs, etc.)


Rate Increase: 

For over two years, since April of 2018, I have not increased my rates from $70, despite an increase in maintenance and supply costs. 

As of June 1st, Swimcrest rates will increase to $80 per session, or $45 per person for a split session.