Statement of Diversity and Inclusion


In the wake of the events of this past week, I am reposting this part of my site.

Because it matters. Because I am here for you. Because I will not allow messages of hatred and fear to rule our lives, and because the water is a place for us to heal as we move forward through times that seem disheartening and scary.

The water is for everyone.


Swimcrest is designed to be a safe space for all: for all body types, for all races and ethnicities, for all gender and sexual identities, for all religious beliefs, for all learning styles and all ages (beginning with lessons at age 4), and for all physical and cognitive abilities. Swimmers of all ability levels are respected and appreciated. Swimcrest also honors the right of all swimmers to wear what they feel comfortable in when they are in the water.

Historically, swimming has been a segregated activity, with far too many disallowed from learning how to be safe and have fun in the water because of institutionalized racism, classism, and sexism. This can and MUST change, and we believe we must do our part to make that happen.

At Swimcrest, we believe that the water welcomes all of us and you are welcome here.

We look forward to seeing you in the water soon.

(To find out more about the history of swimming pools in the United States, please see Contested Waters – A Social History of Swimming Pools in America, by Jeff Wiltse.)