Swimcrest Coronavirus Policy – as of 9 March 2020

Since I’m already fielding questions, I thought it might be useful to let folks know what I’m thinking about the current Coronavirus issue and how it will impact lessons at Swimcrest.

As most of you know, Swimcrest is a bit different than your average public pool. The benefit of having a private facility is that I do not have the same influx of people in and out on a daily basis.

Currently, Swimcrest is open and clients are welcome as regularly scheduled.

I will be following community health guidelines and monitoring the situation, updating as necessary.

That said, I do work with many clients who are immunocompromised for one reason or another. If you are planning on coming to your session, I ask that you think of them.

If you have a sniffle, stay home. A cough? No swimming. A fever? Get in bed!!

There will, of course, be no cancellation fees applied.

Let’s work together to stop or limit the spread, and protect the most vulnerable in our community.

Thank you all for being so fantastic!