Swimcrest News – January 2021

Hi friends!
Wow. It’s been ages and feels a bit like an eternity since we all began to live this new reality last March.

I hope that all of you are well and healthy and surviving isolation as best you can.

I know that many of you are trying and embracing new sports. Rowing, Hiking, Running, Biking – doing whatever you can to keep moving and active while some of our traditional sports are off-limits.

In a year where none of us, with a few exceptions, were racing, it’s hard to remember what motivates our physical activity, Why do we do what we do?

Is it stress management? Mental health? Relief from pain and the desire to get stronger? That feeling we get after we finish a hard workout and the endorphins are flowing?

Around the world, so many are on forced hiatus from the water but I am heartened by the ways I see my water friends finding their solace in other ways. From jump rope routines (that look SUPER hard), to taking on challenges like walking every one of the marked trails in our small town, I am impressed at the creativity and ingenuity I see in those around me.

I am not trying to be Pollyanna. Does it suck? Yes. Are a seemingly infinite number of people suffering in myriad ways? Yes.

But the things I see people doing remind me that we are adaptable, and that we will make our way through this.

And of course, that the water is waiting patiently, ready for our return.

A few practical matters –

Swimcrest will be closed from Friday, January 22nd through Wednesday, March 3rd.

Speaking of hiatus…

I will be checking email and responding to texts, but will not be available for in-person coaching. (Stay tuned for tales of Covid-safe adventures!)