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Swim Lingo

Awesome search term that led people to this site? Swim Girl. Yup. That’s me. (With plenty of Mexico adventures to share soon!)

July 31st is a BIG swim day for me!

July 31st is a BIG swim day for me!

Yup. 13+ miles in the Connecticut River, my longest swim thus far. I’ll be swimming from Sunderland, Massachusetts way down south to lovely Northampton. Not quite sure of the exact distance since we had to use the USATF site to map it. Why oh why can’t there be a good swim distance measurement site? Hmm, … Continue reading

Today’s best Swimcrest Moment

Sometimes, it just takes one sweet moment to make your entire day. Today, it was when my 9-year-old student swam the full length across the pool for her first time ever, and then turned to me and said “I managed to do the impossible!” Not sure whose grin was bigger!